SI Reference Point

This service constitutes the authoritative digital reference for the International System of Units (SI). It provides Permanent Digital Identifiers (PIDs) for the named SI units, SI prefixes, and defining constants, and a parsing tool to provide the PID and semantic model for compound units.

  • SI Reference Point
  • Units
    Lists the named SI units
  • Prefixes
    Lists the SI prefixes
  • Defining Constants
    Returns the defining constants of the SI
  • Decisions
    Returns the decisions of the CGPM and the CIPM bearing directly upon definitions of the units of the SI, prefixes defined for use as part of the SI, and conventions for the writing of unit symbols and numbers.

This service returns the KCDB record for a given Calibration and Measurement Capability (CMC) identifier.

KCDB Service Categories

This service provides information about CMC service categories in the following Metrology Areas:

  • AUV
    Acoustics, Ultrasound and Vibration
  • EM
    Electricity and Magnetism
  • L
  • M
    Mass and Related Quantities
  • PR
    Photometry and Radiometry
  • T
  • TF
    Time and Frequency