Version: 1.0 Beta, last update: 2024-02-14

Unit expressions

A parsing tool to provide the PID and semantic model for compound units.

Non-ASCII characters used for representation of prefix micro and units degree Celsius, ohm, degree, arcminute, arcsecond.

Enter your unit expression using the syntax below:

Syntax: Enter your unit expression (without spaces) using the recommended symbols for units and prefixes. Use the buttons above to enter any special characters.

Indicate multiplication of units using a dot on the line (e.g. N.m for newton metre).

Indicate an exponent with a digit (e.g. mm2 for millimetre squared, mm2); use a minus sign for negative exponents (e.g. ns-2 for per nanosecond squared, ns-2).

PIDs for compound units
Expression analysis
Binary tree expression