Version: 1.0 Beta, last update: 2024-02-14

SI Units

Lists the set of named SI units.

The knowledge base can be downloaded from this link: units.ttl
Unit Symbol Quantity PID (Unit)
ampere A electric current
becquerel Bq activity referred to a radionuclide
candela cd luminous intensity
coulomb C electric charge
degree Celsius Celsius temperature
farad F capacitance
gray Gy absorbed dose, kerma
henry H inductance
hertz Hz frequency
joule J energy
katal kat catalytic activity
kelvin K thermodynamic temperature
kilogram kg mass
lumen lm luminous flux
lux lx illuminance
metre m length
mole mol amount of substance
newton N force
ohm Ω electric resistance
pascal Pa pressure
radian rad plane angle
second s time
siemens S electric conductance
sievert Sv dose equivalent
steradian sr solid angle
tesla T magnetic flux density
volt V electric potential difference
watt W power
weber Wb magnetic flux

Non SI Units

Lists the non-SI units accepted for use with the SI units

Unit Symbol Quantity PID (Unit)
arcminute plane angle
arcsecond plane angle
astronomical unit au length
bel B ratio logarithm (B)
dalton Da mass
day d time
degree ° plane angle
electronvolt eV energy
hectare ha area
hour h time
litre L volume
minute min time
neper Np ratio logarithm (Np)
tonne t mass